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Award Winning Direct Response Marketing Agency Develops New Faith-Based Practice

Award Winning Direct Response Marketing Agency Develops New Faith-Based Practice

By tlcmain

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ARLINGTON, VA, October 15, 2019: Having established prominence as industry-leading direct response marketers and fundraisers in the political,  non-profit, cultural, and advocacy verticals, The Lukens Company today announces a new Missions & Ministries practice. Led by David Seibert, former Director of Business Development for LifeWay Christian Resources, the practice will utilize The Lukens Company’s 30 years of experience to help faith-based organizations better understand the complex donor landscape and optimize their impact.

“As an individual of faith, I am passionate about the prospect of coming alongside faith-based organizations to help them stay true to their mission, and it is a privilege to be able to professionally and personally support their causes within the process,” said Walter Lukens, President and CEO of The Lukens Company. “Choosing between impact and heart should never be something that an organization has to do. We are very familiar with the ever-changing giving climate, and our desire through The Lukens Company’s Missions & Ministries practice is to work with these ministries to help them reach new heights.”

Seibert brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding the needs of faith-based entities in order to serve as Vice President of The Lukens Company’s Missions & Ministries practice. A graduate of Baylor University, Seibert has worked as a city councilman for Plano, Texas and assisted both for-profit and non-profit institutions to develop creative marketing campaigns. His entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him opportunities to help start companies including a financial firm in Dallas and Clear Day Media Group. 

“It is truly a privilege for me to join such a well-respected and passionate team,” said Seibert. “Every time I meet with ministries, I hear the same thing – they have the drive, but the resources fail to match. The Lukens Company’s longstanding history has shown that they can help clients work through these kinds of issues to grow. That is why I am thrilled to be leading the new Missions & Ministries practice; we can provide faith-based organizations the support they need to reach the world and expand God’s kingdom.” 

About The Lukens Company
Founded in 1986, The Lukens Company (TLC) is an award winning, multi-channel direct response marketing agency serving the needs of non-profits, cultural organizations, faith-based missions, and public policy advocacy groups, in addition to political candidates, committees and causes. TLC has offices in Arlington, VA, Glendale, CA, and Charleston, SC. For more information, visit www.thelukenscompany.com or call 703.845.8484. 

About David Seibert
David Seibert is Vice President of Missions & Ministries at The Lukens Company. Prior to joining The Lukens Company, he worked as Director of Business Development for LifeWay Christian Resources, where he was responsible for generating new entrepreneurial business strategies that sustained, developed, and grew the organization.

About Walter Lukens
Walter Lukens is President and CEO of The Lukens Company. He began his marketing and fundraising career serving as a senior advisor in Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole’s 1988 presidential campaign.  Walter has taught direct response marketing courses at New York University and The George Washington University. He has been featured in publications including The New York Times and The Washington Post to share his expertise.