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2018 DMA Chicago Nonprofit Conference

2018 DMA Chicago Nonprofit Conference

By tlcmain

The countdown is on! Just one week to go until the 2018 DMA Chicago Nonprofit Conference. We’re looking forward to heading out to the Windy City for two days of jam-packed fundraising and direct response action. Between the educational sessions, networking opportunities, and experiences that can only be found in Chicago, this year’s DMA Nonprofit Conference is sure to be great.

With so many interesting sessions to choose from, we hope that you’ll add the following two sessions to your ‘must attend’ list:


Behind-the-Scenes Look at Digital Fundraising Success

Presented by: Kristopher Morris, Director, Digital Services, The Lukens Company, and Deborah Johnson, Director of Marketing, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare


A “Can’t Miss” session for any large nonprofit organization ready to see unprecedented success in their digital fundraising program.

The digital world is ever growing, with more than 84% of Americans active participants in the online world. More and more nonprofit organizations are finding that digital fundraising, once a small part of fundraising efforts, is essential to the overall health of their fundraising program. However, successful digital programs play by their own set of rules that set them apart from traditional direct mail campaigns.

In this session, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into how a large, national nonprofit organization turned their entire digital fundraising program upside down and discovered a wildly successful email acquisition and fundraising program on the other side.

This session will teach you:

  • Best practices for acquiring, onboarding, engaging, and converting email leads into donors.
  • Facebook advertising and Facebook email opt-in strategies, plus how to integrate other digital channels and tactics.
  • Creative ideas to craft a compelling email Welcome Series that engages and converts leads to donors.
  • Key data points that will help you refine and optimize your efforts.

Filled with real-world examples and campaign information, you will leave this session not only with powerful new insights but also armed with action items that your organization can start utilizing right away.


How to Take your Digital Program to the Next Level

Presented by: Jade Nguyen, Director, Digital Services, The Lukens Company; Jennifer Honadel, Managing Account Director, Epsilon; Jeff Cosgrove, Director of Politics & Advocacy, Conversant; Julie Ziff Sint, Vice President of Account and Strategic Services, Sanky Communications; and, Camron Assadi, Vice President of Digital Marketing, AB Data

It will be a fast-paced Q & A session that dives right into what’s new in digital and what a digital agency can do for your organizations:

  • How can you get your organizations digital footprint to stand out.
  • How can digital help you attract younger donors, sustainers and high value donors.
  • How to measure your progress and set new goals.
  • Understand different digital fundraising tools (DIY Fundraising, Display Ads, Text, Paid Social) and how that can fit into your digital arsenal.
  • Open discussion on sharing data and 3rd party audiences via Facebook and other social media platforms.

And whatever else you want to learn as this will be open forum for attendees to ask questions of the panel members, nothing is off limits!



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