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Integrated & Multi-Channel Marketing

Whether you’re unveiling a new museum exhibit, building a larger donor file for your non-profit organization, or seeking new ways to ensure your message really takes hold in the hearts, minds, and imaginations of your audience, there’s no more effective way to achieve your goal than through a multichannel strategy.

Non-profit organizations, museums, zoos and aquariums, and cultural centers alike cannot afford to ignore any medium. With smartphones, tablets, and social media becoming increasingly ubiquitous, the American people have the ability to customize how they receive information like never before. They are also more distracted than ever before. 

Your message is exponentially more powerful when strategically delivered across multiple channels – and we know exactly how to do just that.

With over three decades of experience, The Lukens Company possesses a thorough knowledge of the wide array of toolsets required for success in each marketing channel.

  1. Strategy: We start by analyzing your entire program in the context of your mission. What are your goals? Who do we need to get onboard? How do we make it happen?
  2. Execution: Next we apply analytical tools, sophisticated data-driven targeting techniques and award-winning creative to drum up support, raise money, and spread your message. Our multi-channel campaigns combine digital advertising strategies with direct mail, telemarketing, email, and video to create a fully integrated marketing powerhouse.
  3. Analysis: Throughout the campaign, we closely monitor results and culminate each campaign with in-depth results analysis that determine your next steps, with everything customized to help you raise more money, onboard more members, and expand your mission.

This is why TLC’s “one-stop-shop” approach is so effective: we provide you with a unified voice that speaks across multiple channels – synchronizing your messages in the mail, over the phone, through email, and via digital advertising or video – and save you precious time by handling each aspect of a successful campaign.