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Digital Marketing & Web Development

We live in a connected world where information is constantly buzzing between email, social media, online browsing, apps and more. All these options and constant updates can be overwhelming. We get it!

Of course, the big question is: How do you connect with donors in such a crowded online world?

By utilizing the latest in digital technology and marketing integration, The Lukens Company can help you reach your ideal donor base where they spend time online.

Yes, we can send out well-crafted, expertly coordinated email campaigns but we are also highly skilled in building optimized websites, managing social media efforts, and deploying highly sophisticated digital advertising campaigns.

And our expertise doesn’t stop there. We are also excellent at maximizing Google Grants, managing e-commerce platforms, developing and executing targeted digital media that makes an impact, and more.

Our strength lies within our team of expert digital strategists and account managers. We are constantly seeking out the latest digital offerings and discovering how to integrate new options into dynamic marketing and fundraising campaigns for non-profit organizations, associations, and cultural institutions.

With technology so integrated in our daily lives and driving a growing percentage of how we consume information, developing a strong online presence ensures that your organization remains in front of your current and prospective donors.

The proof? An expanded donor and membership file, improved understanding of member preferences, better responses and increased revenue.