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Data & Analytics

Delivering your message to the right people – and understanding results.

Data & Targeting

Through sophisticated selection, segmentation and modeling methods, we ensure you’re reaching the donors and prospects most likely to take action. We use tried-and-true methods like Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis, as well as sophisticated mining of your data files to maximize your return on investment (ROI). More importantly, all of our strategies and programs are created with Lifetime Value (LTV) in mind. We track LTV year over year by source and offer and account for renewals, upgrading, annual fund giving and even planned giving to determine which supporters have the highest profitability.

We work with list brokers and managers across the country, including our in-house broker, Pinnacle List Company, and draw upon our experiences within numerous markets to secure the lists that are best-suited to expanding your universes and reach. In addition, we can conduct modeling on your housefile, identifying even more names to target in future campaigns and programs.



We not only provide the tools for successful campaigns, but also deliver detailed analysis of performance — thus helping clients know how best to move forward. We closely (and continually) monitor your results and provide extensive analysis on all aspects of your campaigns. Our reports analyze retention and conversion rates, performance across lists, packages, offers, geographic areas and channels, as well as historic performance and trends.

Our analyses also report on both cost-to-acquire and return on investment (ROI). And to leverage all this information to benefit your organization, we encourage our clients to look at their programs through the prism of lifetime value, or what their members or donors are worth to their organization over the course of their lifetime involvement. By quantifying conversion and retention rates, LTV analysis provides our clients with a better perspective of their members’ or donors’ worth over a specified period