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About The Lukens Company

Founded in 1986, The Lukens Company (TLC) is an award-winning, multi-channel direct response marketing agency serving the needs of cultural organizations, faith-based missions, and public policy advocacy groups, in addition to Republican political candidates, committees and causes. TLC has offices in Arlington, VA; Glendale, CA; and Charleston, SC.

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For cultural, political and national non-profit organizations looking for innovative ways to raise money, influence minds, and inspire hearts, The Lukens Company specializes in integrated direct response programs that deliver results. Our track record of success serving leading national and local non-profits and political organizations is distinguished by the deep commitment of our staff of professionals to our clients’ missions and the communities in which they live.

Our unique experience in direct response marketing leverages survey research and data analytics to create integrated, multi-channel campaigns that deliver results, time after time. We utilize direct mail, telemarketing and digital communications to deliver creative, award-winning programs that help our clients achieve their goals.

Image of The Lukens Company front desk

Core Values

Image of the participants on The Lukens Company East Coast Volunteer Day
Image of participants of The Lukens Company East Coast Volunteer Day
c/o Erica Hsu

We value people

We believe there is innate value in all people. We act in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person and celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, experience, culture, and contribution. We actively seek the best for all people, those who work with us, our clients, partners, their families, and communities, here and across the globe. We practice an open, participative, collaborative, uplifting and empowering style in working relationships. We encourage the professional, personal, and spiritual development of our staff.

We change the world for the better

We proudly support and empower mission-serving organizations and individuals who have chosen to devote their life’s work to improve our world. We seek to multiply their work every day by providing unparalleled partnership support and high-quality, exceptional service to our clients’ mission and by encouraging this same attitude of service in our business partners, vendors, and coworkers.

We are entrepreneurs

We continuously seek opportunities to evolve, innovate and improve in all aspects of our work, from the strategies and services we offer our clients to the way we approach our jobs. We take risks because we want to be great, not simply good. We are leaders who accept personal responsibility for our commitments, our work, and our relationships. We challenge prevailing assumptions, create new ideas, and discover practical solutions and we are open to change.

We have fun and celebrate creativity

It’s no secret . . . we’re a little “out of the box.” And we’re good with that. Having fun and celebrating unique individual and team talents empower creativity and enhance problem-solving, making us better as people and as an agency.

We encourage balance and we give back

We are a work hard – play hard group. But while we revel in our work and play to win, we also strongly encourage a perspective that values balance, particularly between work and family. This same perspective motivates a company-wide desire to help those less fortunate, to give back.