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A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: 2018 DMAW MAXI Award Recap

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: 2018 DMAW MAXI Award Recap

By tlcmain

A rising tide lifts all boats. When recognition is given for direct mail success, it bolsters the confidence of an industry that can oftentimes feel like an underdog, faced with rising postal costs and challenged by digital advertising techniques. Despite this, direct mail fundraising and marketing perseveres and proves to be a winning strategy for our clients and our industry, as evidenced by the 2018 DMAW MAXI Awards.

In addition to giving the direct mail industry a boost, the 2018 DMAW MAXI Awards provide an opportunity to shine a light on the amazing organizations that we get to call our clients. Each one of these organizations work hard to help create a better world and brighter future. It’s our job to provide unparalleled partnership support and high-quality, exceptional service that raise the funds that enable these impressive organizations to do their important work.

So, thank you DMAW for recognizing our hard work — and thank you to each of our clients for doing what you do!

Below are some highlights from this year’s winning campaigns. Crossing several categories – international relief, cultural attractions, political, and national nonprofit advocacy – we are delighted to celebrate the following.


Gold Award and “BIG IDEA” Winner

American Leprosy Missions Vaccine Vial Fiscal Year End Appeal

This campaign brought a leprosy vaccine one step closer to reality by fully funding Phase 1 Clinical Trials. Read the Case Study

Gold Award Winner

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Year End Fundraising Appeal

With results that outperformed projections by nearly 2,000% in some categories (that is NOT a typo), the AMMP is on track to meet its goal of opening the museum in Fall 2019.

Gold Award Winner

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare Three Petition Package

Year after year, the Three Petition Package proves to be a phenomenal success with no signs of fatigue and turned what was once a weak time slot to one of the strongest of the year.

Silver Award Winner

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art February Lapsed Appeal

A test to promote new and upcoming exhibitions to lapsed members is a triumphant success, exceeding expectations by over 100%.

Bronze Award Winner

Ted Cruz for Senate 2018 Congressional Term Limits Acquisition

This campaign established itself as a control package with few limitations – and raised 25% more than projected.

Bronze Award Winner

Woodland Park Zoo July Lapsed Campaign

A campaign that results in renewed memberships, a high ROI, and increased revenue – for three years running!


Congratulations to all of this year’s 2018 DMAW MAXI Award winners!


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